Costs + Classes


Starting costs for the BendX Bootcamp are $125 per person

Thanks to our generous sponsors, we're able to keep costs low for this four-week program, and provide scholarships where needed.  Classes will be held every Tuesday & Wednesday from 5:15 - 7:30 pm.


9/11:  Course Overview, Think Like an Entrepreneur and Start Your Business

Vet and validate your business idea and understand product/market fit.  Basics of competitor analysis and market research.  Complete a Lean Canvas (simple, one page business plan) and begin sketching out your customer persona.

Start considering your 30 second "elevator pitch" to distill down the problem and your solution in a way that is clear and compelling.


9/12:  Business Formation, Legal Documents, Protecting your IP and Considering your Future Workforce

Learn the different options for forming your business and why - for instance, should you form an LLC, or become a sole proprietor?  What is a B-Corp?  What kind of legal documents do you need to get started?

Understand how to protect your intellectual property (IP) with trademarks, patents and copyrights.

Learn the difference between an employee and a contractor, along with the ABC's of human resources and labor laws.


9/18:  Financial and Overall Business Strategy - The Proof is in the Numbers

How do you project your earnings and expenses over the first few years of business - when you haven't even started yet?  Learn to create financial models, cash flow statements, profit & loss sheets, revenue projections and more.  Find the tools to help you get the job done.


9/19:  Build Your Stellar Team

Learn the best ways to build an advisory and mentor team, along with learning the right time to bring on a co-founder or build a founding team. Learn what a founding team can do for you and how to plan out your first hires.




9/25:  Branding, Sales and Marketing Strategy 

What is a brand and why do you need one?  How do you talk to the media, and when?  What is a marketing strategy vs. a sales plan?

Introduction to the basics of sales and marketing for new businesses.  Explore the sales funnel, demand generation, content creation and business writing.

9/26:  Tell Your Story Effectively

How do you talk about your business and value proposition?  How do you have fruitful conversations with potential investors, clients/customers and partners?

Discuss the Perfect Pitch overview as a way to structure and streamline a powerful pitch deck. 

Finalize your 30 second elevator pitch and build toward a full 5 minute slideshow presentation.

10/2:  Are You Ready for Funding, and What Kind Do You Need?

Walk through the myriad of options for funding your business:  Equity financing, convertible note, grants, loans, crowdfunding, friends/family and more.

Discuss  terms and introduce what is standard for your business stage.  Review what to consider when creating your terms, milestones and how this affects funding and your planning.  Create your funding pipeline!


10/3:  Final Meeting, Round Robin + Pitch Competition

Have a one-on-one meeting with a key mentor in your business area (product, tech, services, etc…) to discuss where you are and where you hope to go.

Class-wide pitch competition with your slide deck, followed by questions from your classmates and judges.  Get invaluable feedback from judges. Cake and drinks to celebrate!