An Inclusive Women's Entrepreneurship Program

a Bootcamp Created For Founders, By Founders



Do you have an amazing idea and need help from experts before you put everything on the line? Or have you started a company, but don’t have the background to get things moving further?  Then this Bootcamp is for you!

We cover the key components of what you need to know to vet your idea and move ahead successfully with your business, and provide invaluable opportunities for participants to connect with mentors, funding sources and fellow entrepreneurs.


"Identify the right questions to ask, meet other would-be entrepreneurs battling similar problems, build confidence as an entrepreneur, and connect with mentors & classmates who can help. That is where BDX shines!"

— BendX

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Our Philosophy

Created for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, this course is about reaching for more in life and taking full control over your own destiny.


What Should You Expect?

Upon completion of this program, our students will come away with a business plan, a 90-day action plan, a pitch deck and the necessary resources, network and mentors to set you and your business up for success. 


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Classes & Costs for BendX

The BendX Bootcamp attendance for all classes is required. Homework and materials will be provided before each class, along with dinner and drinks. our 2019 Fall Cohort will begin September 4th! Applications are due by August 1st.


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What Is a Startup Bootcamp?

Most entrepreneurs start with an idea or a problem they want to solve but often, we don't know what we don't know. This bootcamp covers  the highlights of what an entrepreneur needs to be successful and provides opportunities for participants to connect with key influencers in the startup community.  

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